• December 2020

    General development

    This year, unfortunately, there was no possibility for our staff to visit Shangba farm. The strict travel restrictions in China, especially for foreigners, made this impossible.

    Certification, security, sustainability

    In 2019, the parent company running Shangba tea farm had signed a two-year contract with an Australian control body, for cost reasons without consulting Fairbiotea and against the agreements. Therefore, the organic certification in 2020 was still done by this control body. Nevertheless, there still was a Fairbiotea inspection by the organic control body CERES this year, which confirmed the fulfillment of the Fairbiotea requirements on the part of Shangba tea farm. Since Shangba continued to cooperate with CERES for the Fairbiotea inspections and also agreed to return to CERES as their control body in 2021, Fairbiotea accepted the interim change as a gesture of goodwill.

    Compost production

    Tea waste from the final processing factory, such as stalks, is composted and thus applied back to the tea fields. However, actual compost production with cow manure does not yet take place because they could not find a source for the manure yet. In addition, the know-how for large-scale compost production is not yet available in the farm and would have to be purchased in form of professional consulting. However, such consulting is hard to come by in China. Fairbiotea has been searching for a suitable compost consultant in China for several years without success.


  • November 2019

    General development

    Contrary to the agreement with Fairbiotea, the parent company of Shangba tea farm decided this year to change its control body. Nevertheless, CERES will again carry out a Fairbiotea inspection of Shangba tea farm for us this year and check all requirements for a Fairbiotea member. Since Shangba is an exemplary operation run by a large parent company, we assume that again all minimum requirements will be fully met. On Fairbiotea's pushing, however, Shangba has promised to return to CERES as certifier next year.

    Certification, security, sustainability

    In 2018, as already reported above, Fairbiotea accompanied a scientist to three of our farms to draw first samples of soil, rock and tea leaves. In Shangba such a sampling took place in several sections of the farm.