• December 2020

    General development

    For years, Dongzhai farm has been doing a very good job, providing excellent teas. This year there was for the first time also a large order of individually designed pressed tea cakes. Not only Pu Erh tea can be pressed this way, but also white or black tea is perfectly suited for this kind of processing. In the new showroom of the operating company Puer Zuxiang, one can taste and examine these and other teas.

    Certification, security, sustainability

    Two of the leading sustainability certification organizations, UTZ and Rainforest Alliance, have merged and will in the future certify according to one corporate, new global standard under the name of Rainforest Alliance. In the run-up to this, they have recognized each other. Dongzhai therefore decided to have 2020 already only one of the two certifications in place, namely Rainforest Alliance.

    Compost production

    Compost production has expanded even further in recent years. Puer Zuxiang has its own compost production company, which has a capacity of over 5000 tons per year. Currently, only about half of this is produced. In addition to goat dung, oilseed cakes and the pulp of coffee cherries, among other things, are processed into compost. Production happens continuously, on average two new piles per month. The compost is applied to the tea fields twice a year, once in May, June, the other time in November, December. About 15 tons per hectare are used.


  • November 2019

    Certification, security, sustainability

    To comply with the requirements of the market, Dongzhai obtained 2018 now also the sustainability certifications according to UTZ and Rainforest Alliance.


    A new tea factory was built in 2017 and was equipped with new, modern machines in the beginning of 2018.