China Green Chun Mee (Spring)

- green tea

The classic, inexpensive and most produced green tea in China is also the most popular green tea in Europe, at least in terms of the amount of consumption. Until a few years ago, hardly any other teas were known in Europe. It was only with the increasing interest of European consumers in green tea that consumption and variety of types increased, and higher-quality green and white teas came to Europe.

Grey-green, wiry and evenly rolled tea leaves.

The cup color is green to light yellow, transparent.

It tastes fine dry and fruity.

Machine picked and processed · Medium quality = Grade 3 (satisfying).

China Green Chun Mee (Summer)

- green tea

The summer picking material is less suitable for producing high-quality teas. However, much more tea can be harvested in summer because the leaves grow faster. During this time, in China predominantly Chun Mee is produced in different qualities. These teas are harvested in very large quantities by machine and are mainly exported. For green tea consumers in Europe, these are simple, inexpensive, tasty teas.

Grey-green short, wiry, unevenly rolled tea leaves. 

The cup color is green, light yellow to yellow. 

It tastes dry, fruity with a very light smoky note. 

Machine picked and processed · Simple quality = Grade 4 (sufficient).

China Green Fannings

- green tea

This green fannings tea is produced during the processing of green Chun Mee. Looking like finely chopped, this green tea is created by abrasion while rolling the Chun Mee tea leaves. Generally, during the production of green leaf tea about 15 to 20 percent fannings arise.

Because of its small leaf size this tea is suitable for filling teabags. The quality is different depending on the season of picking, just as with Chun Mee.

Very fine, very small tea leaves.

The cup color is light green to light yellow and transparent clear.

The taste is pleasant, dry and fruity.

Predominantly machine picked and machine processed · Medium quality = Note 3 (satisfying).